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TDN series pulse MIG/MAG welding machine added DeviceNet interface
DeviceNet is a kind of popular industrial field bus. Through DeviceNet interface, TDN series pulse MIG/MAG welding machine can be easily connected to the automatic welding system, giving full play to the advantages of welding speed fast and welding seam forming well for TDN series pulse MIG/MAG welding machine.
For example, the connection between the pulse MIG/MAG welding machine and the robot system is shown in the figure below.

DeviceNet interface is an optional feature of TDN series MIG/MAG welding machine. The models of MIG/MAG welding machines that supports this optional function are shown in the table below.



TDN 5000MB / TDN 5001MB

TDN 3501MB


TDN 6000 / TDN 6000B

TDN 5000 / TDN 5000B / TDN 5000K / TDN 5001

TDN 3500 / TDN 3500B